“We need to tell ourselves that we, not some idealised self, are good enough as we are,” Emma said. She left with a bag of clothes for the charity shop. I felt unburdened, truly lighter.

Hilary, Dublin.  (Hilary Fannin is an Irish Times columnist and contributor. Click here to read about the day we spent decluttering together in February 2019.)



“Everyone needs an Emma in their lives! I feel 10 years younger after getting rid of so much stuff – think we had about 20 black bags in the end – and I would never have done it without her help. I can’t believe we got the whole house done in one day. I am no longer embarrassed when my friends go upstairs in the house because the place looks and feels wonderful. I feel like I’ve got my home back.”

Marie, Clondalkin.



“I had a problem with clutter which I was unable to deal with myself.  I was lucky to find Emma!

The sorting was done at a pace to suit me. No pushing me into anything, I was not ready for. At the end of the day, it turned out to be a pleasant stress-free productive day. I would recommend Emma to anyone who needs help decluttering….I have my house just as I want it now, thanks to Emma.”

Vivienne, Shanhill.