My name is Emma Gleeson and I am a professional declutterer.

I have a Masters in the History and Culture of Fashion from The London College of Fashion and  my research focused on the psychology of our modern addiction to over-consumption which leaves so many people with bulging wardrobes but “nothing to wear.”

While conducting my research I realised how much rubbish I had collected over the course of my life – old cinema tickets, scraps of fabric, never-to-be-read-again books etc. It took some time but once I had got rid of everything that I did not truly love or need, I felt so much lighter, freer and better able to enjoy my possessions.

Let me be clear, I am NOT a minimalist! I love having a house full of books, pictures, trinkets and memories, believing material culture to be an essential element of how we express ourselves. But the difference is that I love everything I own, keep it all in good working order, and get rid of anything that has outgrown its use or charm.

My approach to helping my clients de-clutter their lives is firm but gentle. I work alongside a client and help her/him make productive decisions about what to keep and what to chuck. I am a kind and empathetic person which helps put clients at ease but I am also an efficient organiser and can cover a lot of ground over the course of one day, depending on the willingness of the client!

My rates are:

€160 10am-2pm


€350 10am-6pm

Please get in touch with any questions!